Antique Cobblestone – Smalls and Cubes

What is both fun and challenging about reclaimed materials is their inconsistency…no two stones are the same. Most recently here at Stone Farm we have been trying to come up with packaging options for our beautiful “Big Dig” cobblestones.

We think we have settled on three size ranges. Jumbos – 10″ to 14″ long, mediums 6″-9″ long and “smalls and cubes” which seem to come in and endless number of actual sizes, all of which change depending on how you decide to install them.

What we ended up with is creating a “small” size that works well for a patchwork installation ,but probably less well for a running bond. Check out the photo of our “test” layer. Let us know what you think. The character of these stones can’t be beat.

Antique cobblestones - smalls and cubes Antique cobblestones – smalls and cubes