reclaimed stone pathway

Building Bests: a Stone Patio or Pathway

Building a Stone Patio or Pathway Your outdoor patio and exterior paths are very similar to the floors in your living room or hallways of your home. The big difference – more attention is given to them since there are no walls and ceilings!  Just as natural wood wide plank flooring, or a unique natural stone tile can make a dramatic …

reclaimed pathways and patios for your home

Building Bests: Patio Pavers

When considering materials for a patio application, the first question should regard functionality: What type of finished surface is required for the space? Stone Farm loosely classifies surfaces from rustic (more surface variation) to refined (more of a uniform surface).  A rustic surface might be fine around a fire pit or a walkway, but would not be suitable for a …

reclaimed stone driveway

Building Bests: Building a Stone Driveway

The natural stone driveway that leads to your home can bring curb appeal to a whole new level, making a very big first impression. Natural stone pavers for driveways can give a sense of elegance to your home, even before a guest steps inside. In the photos below, both of these driveways showcase the cobblestone paver, including one with a …

Outdoor Pergolas

Exquisite Outdoor Living at its finest with extraordinary Outdoor Cedar Pergolas.

Patio Stones – Bluestone

Bluestone has been used on patios for decades. Featuring Thermaled Bluestone, Natural Cleft Bluestone, Tumbled Bluestone and Irregular Standup Bluestone, our experts can help you select the right color and flavor for your specific patio project.

Antique Cobblestone – Smalls and Cubes

What is both fun and challenging about reclaimed materials is their inconsistency…no two stones are the same. Most recently here at Stone Farm we have been trying to come up with packaging options for our beautiful “Big Dig” cobblestones.

Reclaimed Granite Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can be made from all kinds of stone and still get the job done, but if you are trying to make a statement think about using reclaimed granite. The material comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. The previous uses of the material ranges from cobblestones up to old bridge abutment blocks that were used before reinforced concrete …