Big Slab Steps

I just don’t think there is any more dramatic way to make a statement on a doorway than to use big natural edged slabs. These kinds of stones are more laid back than your traditional sawn and flamed, salt and pepper granite steps. They also have a lot more wow factor to them.

Reclaimed Granite Inlay

Today I stopped by a house/project I got to collaborate on last year that reminded me of what I really like about supply stone to unique outdoor living spaces.

Antique Granite Sheep Posts

I recently had a favorite customer (He is a favorite not only because he is a cool guy that loves stone as much as I do ,but because he is always asks me to find the funky hard to get stuff!) ask me to find a bunch (90) of old granite posts to edge a garden with.

Stone Loaf – Jumbo Regulations

When is a stone like a loaf of bread? When it is a group of antique cobblestones that are all very uniform and look like small loaves of bread! The dimensions are roughly 5″x4.5″x11″. What is interesting is that the height of these cobbles are all very uniform at 5″ which is the standard height of a regulation cobble. The …

Super Jumbo Cobblestones

Most people are familiar with cobblestones and have a good idea of how they can be used and what they look like. I am always on the hunt for reclaimed cobblestones that are a different, shape, color or size, something unique. Last week I was walking down near the Boston waterfront and I came across this installation of antique cobblestones. …

Antique Granite Lye Stone

A friend of mine in the business recently sent me this photo and asked me if I knew what it was (I didn’t, but he did). It is a Lye stone. Lye stones were used to leach lye out of cinders. Lye was used to make soap.

What about a Rill?

I am not a landscape designer or architect ,but I do love stone and more specifically finding just the right stone for a project. In my travels I am always looking for interesting and different uses of stone. The past two summers I came across two pretty interesting uses of stone in a water feature.

Water and Stone

It is no secret that over time water will always win the battle over stone and actually just about anything for that matter! While on vacation on the coast of Maine I came across a great example of this, combined with one of my favorite things, antique granite.